Body percussion warm up with music

In MAP - El Sistema Serbia, we begin every class with a warm-up to set the right tone for the class and choose a piece of music or rhythmical pattern according to the type of energy we want to bust. If the day is grey and students come in with low energy, we use upbeat music to shake off the blues and vice versa. If the class is overly energetic in the beginning and hard to focus, we choose slower movements and focus more on the breath and stretching. 

Moving together at the beginning of the class helps us to bring more relaxation and happiness and set the right atmosphere for learning and sharing, as well as strengthening teamwork. When combined with some stretching and breathing it is also a good way to help prevent pain and injuries that can come from being too tense while playing an instrument.  

1. Introduction and slowly warm-up

2. Faster and simple warm-up with Libertango

Last modified: Monday, 15 February 2021, 1:03 PM